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While wandering around art galleries, I’ve been intensively figuring out the author’s thought process behind the piece of art. Next to paintings and spatial installations, I was looking for captions or at least the title, which would help me understand what I’m looking at. Very often, at the entrance to the theme exhibition, there are clarifications, but usually, it was all over intellectual babble. What if the artist, in a simple way, would tell what one was thinking about while one’s hands were busy with creating those art pieces?

My household members often ask me what I am doing, why, and where this idea came from. During explaining, I can see that they get things that I decorate my walls with differently. Because of that, I wrote down my thoughts while composing the assemblage.

I was born somewhere, somewhere I will die, and I am doing something between those places. Many times I don’t want to do anything. I want to feel nothing, feel nothingness, turn of my thoughts. But it’s impossible. There is always a time when I feel some pain, warmth, or cold and hear someone’s life next to me. I cannot stay in my black immensity. And if I start to do something anyway, let’s make it the best. I will cook and serve myself like at the restaurant. I will surround myself with the most beautiful objects that I can afford. I will learn to work from the wisest people I meet on my path. I will go for a walk to the most beautiful places I can find in my surroundings. I will raise my hands to the stars.

I can exist on the level of a peg in a fence or corporate procedures – neatly trimmed and polished beings, But I can also learn, get to know and experience.

So I get up and grow. Above Mediocrity.


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