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About me

Authoress of non-fiction books:

  1. Gastronautka (2017, renewal – 2022) – which captures the essence of everyday life in the culinary industry
  2. Mentalistka (2021) – a collection of feuilletons written over eight years based on my experiences working in different European countries.
  3. Nastepny krok (2023) – a mini-guide for women that provides insights on life’s twists and turns, made of impulses, emotions and messages sent via text.

My books are meticulously designed with attention to detail, from proofreading and editing to cover design, paper quality, and finally, the unique wrapping of the book, which will land in the reader’s hands.

Every book is accompanied by artwork with the same design that can be found on the cover. They can make a stylish addition if you consider gifting someone with one of my books or want to enhance the reader’s experience. Those can be greeting cards made with scrapbooking, framed in wood minimalistic collages, mugs, cups and tissue boxes.

Publisher – Roza Wigeland Creative

I am also a founder of a Polish-language publishing house and book distributor registered with Nielsen Book Services Limited for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its books are appropriately tied to British ISBNs and entered into the search engine in Nielsen Holdings Inc.

Creator of spatial images

My journey with art began by creating assemblages made of found or put-together bits. This art form generates a three-dimensional picture from the composition of scraps, odds, and ends – objects of everyday use, useless fragments, natural forms and all the other bits. Individual parts can be glued together, tied or hung next to each other. Thanks to these combinations, they can create a new form.

My artwork and book covers are characterised by minimalism, simplicity, and a limited colour range, with my favourite combination being black and white. My favourite motives will have to be a book, rose, hat, or a cup of coffee, indispensable in my everyday life.


I am also a regular feuilletonist and co-creator of the website emigraniada.com. Several times a month, texts are published in which I touch on current social topics and pay attention to phenomena, values and fleeting moments in everyday life.

Creator of the good life. Modern art, coffee, and hats lover. The citizen of Europe with multinational roots. Currently living in North Yorkshire, England.