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Greeting card A-5


A greeting card with a white envelope, handmade with the scrapbooking method. A blank page for wishes or thanks gives unlimited possibilities for dedication.
A card dedicated to lovers of literature or authors on the occasion of the premiere of their new book. It can also be an original addition to a gift with a book.

Greeting card BOX


Handmade greeting cards made with the scrapbooking method and the box with the same decoration theme. Universal rose pattern, minimalistic colours, left blank inside for own message. It all gives unlimited possibilities for all types of wishes. A box with a greeting card gives you the opportunity for the elegant way to gift someone with money, ticket or voucher.



A handmade wooden box for tissues will introduce an elegant atmosphere and add a sophisticated style to your surroundings. Its weight is enough to keep it settled while taking tissue out, which makes using it fast and comfortable. Thanks to the sliding bottom wall, it gives you easy access to refill. An artistic tissue holder will be useful in the living room and kitchen; it will serve as a decoration of the table in the dining room and a modern addition in the bathroom. It can also be an original gift for someone working at the desk.

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