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The set of 22 stories about the ordinary life and not-ordinary – because it depends on in which direction our thoughts will lead us to or how we will direct them. Are we strong enough to have our own value system and to persevere in it?

Collage B-3


There are these moments within the day when all the problems vanish. There is only you and whatever you are doing at that time. Nothing else matters.
In this collage, you can find peace and a moment of celebration. Behind the tattoo, there is a hidden mystery. It is only a moment captured in the busyness of life, but from these very moments, you can take happiness.

Collage B-2


How do we imagine a Parisian woman? It is a person who rushes to the local cafe for a cup of an aromatic drink. Who takes off after,  to her work and tasks. Who despite their busyness, remembers the pleasures of everyday life and her elegant appearance. It is a woman who understands her worth, fulfils her dreams and takes care of her surroundings. With a sense of humour and distance from reality.



Is the atmosphere of the cafes and restaurants companionable to both guests and staff? I invite you to a world that cannot be seen. You will see what is hidden behind the waitress’s smile, the expensive dish on the plate, or the bartender’s patience.

Assemblage “Above Mediocrity”


Assemblage is created by assembling different, found or crafted objects. It’s an art form made with 3D composure from everyday objects, useless fragments, natural structures, and other objects. Assemblage can have the form of one main object combined with different ones or from a collection of many pieces. It can be defined by a spatial collage opened for all materials and ideas of their connections. Individual elements in assemblage can be glued, tied, placed in a container, put loose or hung together. Thanks to assemblages made from the pieces, new meanings are created. The precursors of the assemblage are Marcel Duchamp and Pablo Picasso and from the Polish artists – Wladyslaw Hasior. I invite you to read about the inspiration and process of creation “Above Mediocrity”.

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