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Non fiction

Nastepny krok


The book was created from impulses, experiences, emotions, and messages sent via text.

Behind every small portion of the text, there is a big problem, which, in the beginning, seems to be beyond human strength. Sometimes, even one sentence sheds new light and pushes you toward the first step of solving a complicated situation. This small step, and every next one, was getting closer to the desired goal. Only the courage was needed. 

I hope you will find the steps and directions you need to take.



Is the atmosphere of the cafes and restaurants companionable to both guests and staff? I invite you to a world that cannot be seen. You will see what is hidden behind the waitress’s smile, the expensive dish on the plate, or the bartender’s patience.



The set of 22 stories about the ordinary life and not-ordinary – because it depends on in which direction our thoughts will lead us to or how we will direct them. Are we strong enough to have our own value system and to persevere in it?