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Collage B-3

There are these moments within the day when all the problems vanish. There is only you and whatever you are doing at that time. Nothing else matters.
In this collage, you can find peace and a moment of celebration. Behind the tattoo, there is a hidden mystery. It is only a moment captured in the busyness of life, but from these very moments, you can take happiness.


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Author: Roza Wigeland
Dimensions: frame -18 X 18 cm (7.09″ X 7.09″)
collage – 15 X 15 cm (5.09″ X 5.09″), weight frame – 3cm (1.18″)
Colour: black, white
Material: wood, card, paper, acrylic paint, fabric flower, glass
Weight: 370 g

Weight 0.40 kg


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